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Our mission is to provide fair trade employment through environmentally sustainable products by connecting two under-utilized resources: skilled artisans and palm leaf waste. 

By making a purchase with Pragati Palms, you're directly impacting the lives of artisans in rural India. Our palm-leaf products are created without waste or processing so you know you’re doing good for both people and the planet. Get started below.

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Upwards of $500 billion USD crossed borders as remittances in 2012, according to The Globe and Mail, as the number of families relying on money from friends and relatives living abroad continues to increase. Those without access to banking services are often subject to substantial high transfer fees, fluctuating incomes, and crime. sometimes up to twenty five percent. “This is money coming from low-income populations already, for basic needs on the other end. It should be maximized, not siphoned in fees.”, says Natalie Cox, co-founder of Salud2.

Salud 2, a venture started by recent graduates of the Monterey Institute of International Studies, attempts to increase transparency in the flow of remittance money by forging partnerships between commercial money transfer services and health care facilities in receiving countries.  This partnership can address the disconnect between money sent that is intended for healthcare and what is actually spent on healthcare, 46% and 6% respectively, according to the International Diabetes Federation. With poorer countries increasingly bearing the financial burden of chronic disease – including diabetes and heart disease – Salud2’s emphasis on preventative care will have lasting health and financial benefits.

“We’re building tools that maximize health-bound money and allow senders to specify how funds are spent on the health services their families need and deserve,” explains Cox.  Salud 2 seeks to reach over 50 families through a three-month pilot program starting this year, with a target of 40,000 families by their fifth year. While they will initially focus on transfers from the US to Mexico, Cox recognizes the limitless potential of Salud2’s partnership template worldwide. “With global health outcomes as a priority, Mexico is just the beginning for the Salud2.”

The co-founders of Salud2 can be found at the Hult Prize accelerator in Boston this summer, and in Mexico performing market research, actively progressing their venture while networking with Pragati Palms business cards.  Learn more about their work at Salud2.co and follow them on Facebook and Twitter



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Stories Without Borders

Since Doctors Without Borders began tackling world health in 1971, mission-aligned NGOs began utilizing their professional expertise in fields ranging from art to astronomy for humanitarian causes across cultural and geopolitical borders. This basic principle of equality inspired Jessica Chance to hone her skills as a multimedia producer and communications specialist to tell the stories of those who cannot. A self-proclaimed lover of uncovering a story in each and every person, Jessica is channeling her creative energy to found the non-profit Stories Without Borders.

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